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- February 19, 2008

To The Editor;

Gloves on, Vermette!

First I would like to say that I look forward to Mr. Dietz's comments every week. I agree with his suggestions/ideas. I also believe this town needs a face lift and needs to be brought up to modern change/standards.

I believe that Mr. Dietz meant that the Argo land should be utilized. He also suggested low-income housing for that. However, a senior's complex isn't a bad idea, either.

We can convert that land into a 55+ Seniors Mobile Home Park and have the Town own this and rent out to our Seniors at a reasonable price. I believe Kelowna is also closing down a complex and making it strata. Let's have Princeton be the first to set the standards and show other communities how things are done.

No, I am not suggesting we make our seniors walk, we do have a Community Service Bus. Last I knew we had seniors living up on the third bench and all over town for that matter. If we don't use the services that we have now we could lose them, too. We are losing our hospital if nothing changes, any suggestions for our seniors then, Mr. Vermette? (Maybe make them walk to Penticton or make them pay to take an ambulance?)

I believe we have some serious issues here and blasting Mr. Dietz doesn't solve any of them nor is it helping our problems, at least he cares about his community.

Also to his defense he speaks two languages and his English may not be up to par or up to your standards. Is your German up to his?

Furthermore, I want to add that everyone seems to be blasting our Mayor and Council (I agree they need to take some responsibility) but I didn't see anyone else volunteering for the job.

I think Mr. Dietz would make an excellent Council Member or Mayor. We need people with vision and drive on our side.

Keep writing, Dietz!

- Tom Guerster, Princeton

To The Editor:

Town Council should be held accountable. Enough is enough. I have tried to reason with Council as diplomatically as possible. I gave Council a letter a few weeks ago regarding the stratification of Princeton Manor in hopes that they would see the errors they made, and correct the problem.

But, after Mayor McLean's open letter last week, it is obvious they will stand by their decision in a half hearted attempt to save face.

The issue at hand is not who should be responsible for the shortage of low cost housing or improvements to existing buildings. Rather, it is the fact that Council ignored their responsibility as the approving authority.

After some research, I composed a personal letter to Council pointing out their errors. The following is an excerpt of my letter to Council:

After researching the Strata Property Act, I was able to come up with the following:

Section 242
(1) For the purpose of this section "approving authority" means
(a) the municipal council of the municipality if the land is located in a municipality

Section 242
(6) In making its decision the approving authority must consider
(a) the priority of rental accommodations over privately owned housing in the area
(b) any proposals for the relocation of persons occupying a residential building

You do not have to be the sharpest tool in the box to figure out that there is a priority for rental accommodations in Princeton over privately owned housing. And I have yet to hear or see any proposal to relocate the people living in this building.

Did your Council make their decision in the best interest of this community? No, and now they are trying to justify that decision with excuses of a dilemma and unfounded sentiments of compassion for the people living there. Maybe if Council had a family member living under that roof, we wouldn't even be discussing this issue.

In last week's statement, Mayor McLean referred to residents of Princeton Manor as less fortunate. I would like to point out to Mayor McLean that neither my mother or mother-in-law are less fortunate, the only thing that made them less fortunate was a poor decision by Council.

They are by best and politest definition, long term residents and taxpayers, community contributors and pensioners with health issues.

I would also like to point out to Council, that at a recent Council meeting they each decided they would not approve another strata in Princeton. This in itself proves that Mayor McLean was trying to justify what they have done with a smoke and mirror show in last weeks paper.

If it was good enough for one building, because of improvements the developer promises, why wouldn't it be alright for another?

This decision has had an adverse effect on the tenants involved. Many of the tenants are senior citizens with nowhere to go and this situation will undoubtedly affect the health of these people.

Town Council made a mistake they do not want you to know about, they did not do their jobs properly and should be held accountable for a poor decision. I urge everyone to talk with a Councillor and tell them to rescind the motion immediately and correct their error. Not going away,

- Ed Vermette, Princeton

Dear Editor,

It's nice to hear that Ed Vermette says he has been reading my input here for the past few months but I am not sure if he understands what I am saying!

Anyway, what I didn't say is that I expect a 70-year old with or without a walker to walk downtown if he or she can't walk. I didn't say that any older person living in that - now strata - apartment building should live where the old Argo building is either.

I did not create the mess of having no rentals sorry, Ed - that was Town Council and the Mayor agreeing to make it strata and not building anything in years to be ready for the future.

I made a suggestion of 'what to do after the fact' and the Argo site is one of the options it even was mentioned by a council member at a meeting a few weeks ago. I did say using the Argo lot for low 'incomers' would make sense just because a lot of low income people may not have a car. And I am not sure how many downtown properties the town owns right in the middle of town.

Believe it or not Ed, not a single person has said to me they think I am not right. It is all positive. Yes, I have some extreme ideas but this town is so far behind that only an extreme approach will get us all a nicer and more desirable place to live with the kids in school having a job in their future.

And my ideas are not costing millions mainly community effort and a little bit of town help, of course.

By the way - if someone says someone is wrong at least that person should make another and hopefully BETTER suggestion to help this town. Maybe in your next letter?

- Stefan Dietz, Princeton

Dear Editor;

As President of the Princeton Hospital Auxiliary I would like to assure everyone who supports us that we are in control at all times of the equipment we purchase for the hospital and Ridgewood Lodge.

When the equipment arrives we put our plaque on it immediately.

We have a letter from Murray Ramsden assuring us that no equipment we purchase will be moved from the hospital without our consent.

The staff of the hospital is aware of this, and any equipment that is no longer needed or out of date we are consulted on before it is removed from the hospital.

Even old wheelchairs that are no longer any good are not disposed of without our knowledge. I would just like the community to know we are being diligent in taking care of the funds entrusted to us, and that no payment is made for this equipment until after it arrives and is satisfactory to the staff. I hope this information will ease any concerns about the equipment we supply to the hospital and Ridgewood Lodge.

- Maureen Turner, Princeton

To The Editor;

It's time for the 'powers that be' to get a new pair of glasses and take a fresh look at the Emergency Services at the Princeton Hospital.

Recently I was taken by ambulance to the Princeton ER after a fall. I must honestly say that I have never experienced such professional and compassionate care as I received from the ambulance attendants, Dr. Adams, the nurses and x-ray technician at the Princeton Hospital.

It amazes me how, under the current circumstances and with just a skeleton crew, the staff could maintain such an efficient and empathetic ER. I sensed no bitterness even though I am sure the staff must be overworked and feel under appreciated for their efforts. How can anyone even consider closing such a fabulous hospital as the Princeton Hospital? Rather than whispering about closures, the staff at Princeton Hospital should be used as an example to other hospitals of how things 'should be done.'

The gentle and attentive staff went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable and that medication was given on time. I was later transferred to another hospital for tests which weren't done and I was discharged from the other hospital by a physician who never actually saw me. The nurse who dropped off a wheelchair would have even forgotten to remove my IV had my husband not asked her about it.

The 'big' hospitals need to take a close look at how the small, hometown hospitals work. There is a lot to be learned from the staff at the Princeton Hospital. We just cannot afford to lose such a professional group of people.

Princeton should be VERY PROUD of the dedication, skill and compassion our health care professionals exude and it is time that they get some much needed help. So stop the excuses.

If the 'powers that be' can't find the doctors and nurses we need, then let's use the Military. Our taxes have paid to train military doctors and nurses so let's call them in and put their skills to work here in Princeton. We need them and I'm sure under the supervision of the fabulous staff that exists at the Princeton Hospital, they could be trained to be the professionals we need and expect in our fine town.

To Dr. Adams, both sets of ambulance attendants, the nurses and x-ray technician at Princeton Hospital, I THANK YOU for treating me like a real person and not just a number that is causing you an inconvenience in your day. I am so very grateful to you for your compassion and care.

- Diane Sterne, Coalmont

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